LCS are NHS approved contractors

We are currently on the register of the NHS Wales Informatics Service and have provided services to several NHS trusts, doctors surgeries and medical centres. Some of the departments that we have worked with include:

Image of hospital ward

We have supplied and installed networks including Cat5e, Cat6 and fibre optic networks including cabinets, components and equipment. We have provided IT hardware both fully installed and configured and on a supply only basis. We have installed and configured IP CCTV systems in the most sensitive and secure areas. We have been employed on a consultancy basis to perform server and workstation file security operations, installed and configured software and provide computer support for non standard NHS systems when required.

Doctors Surgeries and Medical Centres

If you are expanding or moving IT equipment then we can install network sockets in the required location with a minimum of disruption at a competitive price. We can save you money on printing by connecting your photocopier/printer to the network and install the required software on your PCs.

This will provide a low cost per page printing alternative to individual printers attached to PCs.

We can assist in securing your data within your network. Most surgeries/medical centres have their data centrally stored without internal security. This means that receptionists and other staff can look on the network at documents and other data that should only be seen by certain staff. We can configure your data directories so that only the relevant staff can access the required data.

We can assist in the installation and support of non standard NHS systems such as call monitoring or CCTV systems.

NHS Trusts and Departments

If you require:

We are one of the few companies that will install both the Ethernet network and the CCTV cameras and software. We will also install and configure any hardware that you have already purchased or have been provided with.

Contact us now to discuss your specific requirements on 029 2088 4618 or email enquiries@lougher.com or use our contact form.